Description of Measures: 

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree will exhibit the skills and characteristics specified under the Department’s Program Outcomes. These Outcomes will be evaluated via the following Assessment Tools:

1. Senior capstone courses

A senior capstone courses is an assessment tools for the ICT, being ICT 435. Class Assessment Forms for these classes are the assessment tools.

2. Performance in specific components of student work

This measure includes extracting specific categories of student work from several classes in order to measure an outcome. For example, the lab portion from several classes is used to measure outcome laboratory and field testing, working in teams, communication and evaluating engineering materials. Class Assessment Forms for specific classes are the assessment tools. 3. Performance in activity or service based learning (club functions/competitions/conferences/projects)Students in the ICT program are active in several regional and national organizations and competitions. These include: the Cyber Defense League and SWCCDC.

3. Certification Tests

Several certification opportunities present themselves to students during their time in the ICT Program. Results from these certification tests are used to measure outcomes which deal with field testing, laboratory skills, quality and lifelong learning.