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Welcome to ETSE!

Do you want a great career? Do you want to do hands-on engineering, design, and prototyping? Do you want to work with computer systems, electronics, machines, or construction equipment? Do you want to make a difference for you and your community? Consider joining the ETSE family. A degree in Engineering Technology or Surveying Engineering creates great opportunities and leads to success stories.



The Mission of the Department of Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering is to provide students with a quality engineering technology and surveying education that links theory and application, provide rigorous, fundamental education, and gives students enhanced career opportunities.

The department’s goals supporting this mission are:

  • to provide educational and social environments that promote and facilitate student learning
  • to have a highly respected and visible department
  • to foster the development of the department and
  • to graduate students who are competent and sought after by industry

What is Engineering Technology?

Engineering Technology focuses on practical application of science and engineering. The difference between Engineering and Engineering Technology is engineering technology focuses on application of techniques while engineering focuses on developing concepts. ETSE focuses on a combination of mathematics, computers, hands-on experience, and communication to provide an education that focuses on practical applications, career independence and responsibility.ETSE offers a variety of degree programs, minors and concentrations to choose from. With dedicated faculty and staff, students are given the professional and personal attention needed to help them live, learn and thrive in their chosen field of study.

Students in the ETSE programs receive an education in the practical applications of engineering principles. Linking theory and application, our students are given the academic background and hands-on applications that give them the knowledge and experience in order to hit the ground running upon graduation. Students will have the opportunity to take ideas in an ever-changing world of engineering technology and surveying, and make them a reality. Hands-on courses, labs, and projects offer our students experience in both the academic and real world settings. To learn more, see the ETSE “About Us” Presentation, contact us. We can meet with you on the phone or set up a visit

Accredited ETAC

What is Surveying Engineering?

Geomatics is a rapidly developing engineering discipline that focuses on acquiring and analyzing precise spatial information. Geomatics engineers use a variety of technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, High-Definition 3D Laser scanners, High-resolution satellite images, and Geographic Information Systems. They measure terrestrial and three-dimensional positions of points on, above, and below the earth’s surface and the distance and angles between them at a high level of precision. Geomatics engineers aid in the design of infrastructure including roads, bridges and legal boundaries for ownership. They provide precise data for natural recourse managers, subdivision developers, and coastal monitoring systems.

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Graduate Program


 Masters of Information Technology

Undergraduate Programs

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Civil Engineering Technology

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Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

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Information and Communication Technology

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Information Engineering Technology

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Mechanical Engineering Technology


ETSE Leadership Team


Gabe Garcia

Interim Department Head
MAE Associate Professor


Philip Braker

Associate Department Head
ICT Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor


Barbara Gamillo

Associate Department Head
IET Program Coordinator
Associate Professor


Ahmed Elaksher

Geomatics Coordinator
Associate Professor


Luke Nogales

MET Program Coordinator
Associate Professor


Rolfe Sassenfeld

ECET Program Coordinator
Master’s Program Coordinator
Associate Professor


John R. Tapia

CET Coordinator
Associate Professor


Paul Furth

   ECET Program Coordinator
Associate Professor


The Civil Engineering Technology, Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology, Information Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET,



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The Information Communication Technology program is accredited under NMSU’s umbrella accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.



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NMSU strives to cultivate an academic environment in which student scholarship thrives and is subject to rigorous academic standards. This rule sets the essential expectation for academic honesty throughout the university system. This rule provides definitions and roles/responsibilities, and addresses general process issues such as confidentiality, protection from retaliation, avoidance of conflict of interest, timeliness, types of sanctions, and level of Evidence required to prove an academic integrity violation.

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