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New Mexico State University
Department of Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering
College of Engineering

Welcome to ETSE!

Clock of Dreams

Linking theory and application, our students take the ideas and needs in an ever-changing world of engineering, technology & surveying, and make them a reality. Hands-on courses offer our students experience in both the academic and real-world settings.

Hit the ground running with a degree in ETSE!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide students with a quality engineering technology and surveying education that links theory and application, provides a rigorous, fundamental education, and gives students enhanced career opportunities.
The department's goals supporting this mission are:

    1. to provide educational and social environments that promote and facilitate student learning
    2. to have a highly respected and visible department
    3. to foster the development of the department and
    4. to graduate students who are competent and sought after by industry

This is Where 2012-2013 Engineering Technology Graduates Went...


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What's New?

  • Renewable Energy Technologies Videos
    Featuring Professor Thomas Jenkins & Professor Kenny Stevens

  • Atomic Aggies

  • China Transportation Officials Learn From NMSU Cohorts
    A delegation from China's Ministry of Transportation visited NMSU to gain expertise from the university's world-renowned Bridge Evaluation Research Center, while also pursuing a potential academic exchange program.
  • Engineering Technology Students Harvest the Sun's Heat for Energy and Education
    With alternative energy now an up-and-coming focus of study at the College of Engineering, the solar furnace, which had fallen into disuse and disrepair, was recently restored to its former glory...