Jeffrey Beasley Ph.D.


Professional Experience

Prior to coming to NMSU in 1988, Dr. Beasley worked for many years in the area of Broadcast Engineering and has extensive experience with video and audio systems, RF transmission, microwave, satellite and fiber-optic communications. In 1990, after joining the ET faculty, he participated with department staff in a project for the Waste-management Education and Research Consortium (WERC) where a Ku-band satellite uplink was installed and has since been operated and maintained by NMSU staff. The uplink is a fully redundant 300-watt uplink capable of transmitting and receiving both analog and digital data Ku-band transmissions.
Dr. Beasley has been actively involved in the areas of electronic communication systems, and VLSI design, simulation and test since 1984. He has been involved in VLSI research projects for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Army. Dr. Beasley has also conducted research for the Mult-Chip Module Group (Department 2277) at Sandia National Laboratories in the area of defect detection of integrated circuits through analysis of the transient current behavior. Previous work in this area has led to the award of a patent #5,483,170 for a method and apparatus for integrated circuit testing.


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University
M.S. in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University
B.S. in Engineering Technology from New Mexico State University

Courses Taught

ET 377 – Computer Networking I
ET 477 – Computer Networking II
ICT 377 – Computer Networking I (Distance Education)
ICT 477 – Computer Networking II (Distance Education)
ET 314 – Electronic Communications I
ET 183,184 – DC and AC Networks
ET 246 – Electronics l
ET 272- Electronics II

Dr. Beasley is also the author/co-author of the following textbooks:

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Textbooks Currently in Progress:

Electronic Communications: A System Approach, 1st edition, Jonathan Hymer, Jeffrey S, Beasley, and Gary Miller, Prentice Hall, 2012
Practical Guide to Advanced Networking, 3rd edition, Jeffrey S. Beasley and Piyasat Nilkaew, 2012

Contact Information
Title: Professor
Department: Engineering Technology & Surveying Engineering
Office: Room 391
Ed and Harold Foreman Engineering Complex III
Phone: (575) 646-3456
Fax: (575) 646-6107
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