Approved Technical Electives

Last modified on: Friday, November 09, 2018

General Guidelines:

One and only one course from outside the Colleges of Engineering, Math, or Physics may be approved for use as a technical elective and only if the course technical content is deemed sufficient and the student has prior approval.

One course may be 200 level (with special permission) and a “combination” of successfully completed courses as documented on a community college (or technical school) transcript “may” be substituted (via department head approval) as one and only one technical elective credit. No course with a G (general education) or V (Viewing a Wider World) number suffix will be accepted as a technical elective.

One Engineering course may be 300 level or above with special permission as one and only one technical elective credit. See advisor for more information.

Note – judicious use of technical electives may be used to fulfill requirements for a “concentration” or for a Minor. Electives are grouped under minors. Students may take any of these courses for technical electives with proper pre-requisites.


ET 302/IE 311 Manufacturing Data Analysis

ET 305 Introduction to Product Design

ET 317 Advanced 3-D Modeling and Design

ET 415 Manufacturing Management and Productivity

ET 480 Innovation and Product Development

ET 482 Advanced Manufacturing

Digital Applications

ET 282 Digital Electronics

ET 362 Software Technology II

ET 344 Microcomputer Systems

ET 398 Digital Systems

ET 444 Hardware and Software Senior Design

Information Technology (for non-IET majors)

ET/ICT 339 Introduction to Digital Forensics and Incident Response

ET 458 Database Technology for engineering

ET 477 Computer Networking II

ET 462 Web Technologies and Multimedia

ET 463 Computer System Administration with Python

Renewable Energy Technologies

ET 306/L Fundamental and Applied Thermodynamics and separate lab

ET 308/L Fluid Technology and separate lab

ET 365 Building Utilities

ET 381 Renewable Energy Technologies

ET 382 Solar Energy Technologies

ET 384 Wind and Water Energy Technologies

ET 386 Sustainable Construction and Green Building Design

ET 396 Heat Transfer and Applications

ET 396 Heat Transfer and Applications

ET 401 Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

ET 456 Applied Power

EE 332 Introduction to Electric Power Engineer

CHE 466 Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology

Surveying Engineering

SUR 328 Principles and Practices of Construction Surveying

SUR 361 Introduction to Geodesy

SUR 330 Computer Applications of Surveying

Security Technology

ET 457 Introduction to Information Security Technology

ET 458 Database Technology for Engineering

ET/ICT 339 Introduction to Digital Forensics and Incident Response


ET 418 Applied Hydraulics

ET 472 Intelligent Transportation Systems

Math 291, 292, and Math above 300

Physics above 300

Project or Internship May be used with prior approval only

ET 420 Senior Internship (requires prior approval as a tech. elective)

ONLY pre-approved for IET

BCIS 450 Systems Design, Development, and Implementation

BCIS 475 Database Management Systems

BCIS 482 Management of Information Security

CJ 321 Criminal Investigation and Intelligence

CJ 322 Organized Crime

CJ 412 Introduction to Security Technology and Loss Prevention

CJ 425 Issues in Ethics, Law and Criminal Justice

CS 310 Advanced Computer and Internet Literacy

CS 478 Computer Security

PHYS 304 Forensic Physics

ICT 450 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

ICT 320 Introduction to IP Protocols