Frequently Asked Questions

Studying in library

Studying in library

This page provides help for some of the most frequently asked questions that students have. There is a forms entry at the bottom of the page that allows you to enter questions or comments.

Tutoring Questions

Please contact your instructor or advisor for information about specific course questions. Your instructor should be your first choice for help with a specific course; however, there are other student services available:

 Need a little help:

  • Engineering Learning Center: tutoring, industry speakers, workshops, faculty mentoring, peer mentoring… 
    This should be your first choice for help, tutoring, advice, and a place to talk with knowledgable people about school.
  • If you want to talk with a engineering student mentor who knows the ropes from a student point-of-view, please contact Elizabeth Howard ( or come by 3rd Floor of ECIII.
  • Math Success Center open for tutoring:    Mathi is  a difficult course and student can often benefit from help here. The Math Success Center (MSC) is open to provide tutoring for lower-level math and statistic classes.The MSC, located in Walden Hall, Room 101, is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.
  • Student Support Services:
  • Student Success Center:
  • All Engineering Tutoring:
  • NMSU Writing Center:
  • Summary of Tutoring options: tutoring

Contact the Academic Dean’s office on the first floor of Goddard Hall; or visit the College of Engineers mentors for help from engineering students.

Accreditation (what it means to me)

What are the Objectives or Outcomes of my major

Financial Aid Questions

Additional questions not covered here may be answered on the Office of Financial Aid website here.

Apply for NMSU scholarships here?

Fill out the Scholar Dollar$ application here. This one application is for all NMSU students at any campus. It will consider you for any scholarships you may be eligible for.

How can I view my financial aid information online?

First, go to and log in with your NMSU username and password. Click on the “Student” tab and then “Financial Aid” from the list. The links on the next page will show you information about your financial aid.

Who is my Scholarship Coordinator and how do I contact her?

The Scholarship Coordinator for the College of Engineering is Monica Lopez whose office is in Goddard Hall.

How do I contact the financial aid office?

NOTE: Please remember to include your Aggie ID in all correspondence, including postal mail, faxes, e-mails, telephone calls and telephone messages.

  • Email:
  • Postal (snail) mail:
    NMSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
    MSC 5100, New Mexico State University
    P.O. Box 30001
    Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
  • Phone:
    (575) 646-4105 (Local)              (877) 278-8586 (Toll-Free)
    (575) 646-4597 (Scholarships)  (575) 646-2040 (Loans)      (575) 646-7381 (Fax)

Graduating Questions


Commencement regalia. (photo by Darren Phillips)

How do I track my progress towards graduation?

Run an audit for your degree plan here. You will have to log in with your NMSU username and password (same as myNMSU). Follow the instructions given, and a degree audit report will be created for you. Also, contact your advisor.mentor!

What do I need to do to graduate?

The following needs to be completed in order to graduate:

  • Set up an appointment with Department Head  to have a final degree check prepared. This will take about 15 minutes. Call (575) 646-2236 to schedule a meeting. Distance education students can set up a phone meeting to have the degree check prepared.
  • You need to apply for your degree when registering your last semester. This can be done online here. You’ll need to log in with your NMSU username and password. (How to Apply for a Degree)
  • Pay attention to deadlines! The deadline for submitting your graduation application is usually the 2nd week of classes.

How do I calculate my GPA

Registration Questions

First, go to and log in with your NMSU username and password. Click on the “Student” tab and then “Registration” from the list. Choose the semester (term) from the dropdown box.

From the next screen, you can register for classes, view your course schedule including where/when any face-to-face classes will be, and view when you can register for the upcoming semester.

How do I register for classes?

Follow the directions in the above paragraph. From that screen, click on “Look up Classes”, then select the semester from the dropdown box. On the next screen select at least one subject from the box (you can select multiple subjects by holding down the Ctrl key). The rest of the boxes are optional and can narrow your search. For example, if you want to see only classes available online, click “online” from the Schedule Type box. After you search, all classes for the selected semester that fit your search will come up (even if registration is closed for that class). There are a few different ways to register, but the easiest is to click the checkbox for the selected class and choose “Register”.

How do I know when/where my classes are? In other words, how can I view my class schedule?

First, go to and log in with your NMSU username and password. Click on the “Student” tab and then “Registration” from the list. Choose “Student Detail Schedule”- This will give you a very detailed schedule of your classes for the selected term. It shows all information about the class including meeting times and the location of the classroom.

How do I view the current undergraduate catalog?

The undergraduate catalog can be seen online here.

What is the NM General Education Common Core? What are the general education requirements?

These are your basic classes and a requirement that every student here has to complete. More information regarding this requirement can be found here.

When can I register? – Do I have any holds?

First, go to and log in with your NMSU username and password. Click on the “Student” tab and then “Registration” from the list. From the Registration page, choose the term by clicking “Select Term”. Then choose “Registration Status”. It will bring up the dates you may register for the selected term and also information about any holds you may have that prevent registration.

Which classes count as a Viewing a Wider World credit?

Click here for a list of classes and for more information regarding the Viewing a Wider World requirement. Basically any course that has a “V” on the end of the course number.

How do I know which textbooks I will need?

On Click on the “Student” tab and then “Registration” from the list. Select the semester from the dropdown box. Click “Order Books from Barnes & Noble”, then “Go to Bookstore Website”. You aren’t forced to order from it, but it will bring up a list of books and other materials your professors have requested that you get.

For other questions, contact your advisor / mentor


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