M-TEC Projects and Gallery

Apache Point 1-Meter Telescope:

TelescopeThe observatory at Apache Point, New Mexico employed M-TEC to design and build a mechanism to limit the rotation their 1-Meter telescope. The design, manufacture, and installation of the limit system was completed M-TEC.

M-TEC’s engineer, Yu-Ping Tang, designed the functionality and geometry of the mechanism and the students along with Charlie Park completed the manufacturing, installation, and troubleshooting for this project. This project was completed in June of 2014.





Chile Pepper Cleaner/De-Stemmer:

Chile De-stemmer



Watch the video below to learn about it!







EZ Puller:

EZ Puller ProjectAlan Shepherd approached M-TEC and asked for engineering analysis and manufacturing advice for a product he had developed as an electrician to safely remove manhole covers and grates. M-TEC conducted FEA on the assembly to determine the structural limitations of the device.

M-TEC also made several manufacturing recommendations to increase functionality of the device, as well as decrease the weight and cost. To conclude the project, M-TEC will perform destructive testing on two of the device’s components to determine maximum loading capabilities and will report back to the customer.


Fruit Fly Separator:

The Biology Department at NMSU hired M-TEC to manufacture an apparatus that would aid in the separation of two different genera of fruit flies, for the purpose of performing genetic research. The original design needed to be amended in order to make the manufacturing process as simple as possible, while keeping the functionality the same.

M-TEC used many manufacturing techniques including the CAMWorks software package to program a CNC milling machine to cut the majority of the parts for this apparatus. This project was completed on July 9, 2014.


Hummingbird Feeder:

Hummingbird FeederM-TEC designed and manufactured a computerized hummingbird feeder that will bring insight to hummingbirds and their territorial behavior. The project is collaboration between M-TEC, NMSU’s biology department, and the electrical engineering department, and is led by Tim Wright, biology associate professor, and Wei Tang, electrical engineering assistant professor.

The hummingbird feeder will help researchers find out more about the correlation between a hummingbird’s cognitive abilities and whether or not they have territory. Check out this link for more information: Hummingbird Feeder Article




Dr. Prasad from Electrical Engineering Dept. asked M-TEC to design key components as well as facilitate the manufacturing of his low-head hydro-generator. Yu-Ping Tang completed several computational fluid dynamic calculations to design the casing as well at mechanical pieces of the assembly. The process then moved into the manufacturing process testing phase. Numerous tests were completed to determine what method would produce a quality mold to construct the generator and flow channels. Foam was eventually used, layered with fiberglass, multiple epoxies and resins as well as paint to create a glass-like finish on the surface of the mold. Next, layers of Kevlar were applied to the mold to create the structure of the generator and flow channels in half sections. These half sections are to be mated and secured to assemble the entire device.

Charlie Park has worked with four of Dr. Prasad’s students to develop the manufacturing processes and manage the build using M-TEC’s facilities and resources. This project is currently in the manufacturing stages. Click here to view the full Hydro-Generator article.


Oxberry Animation Stand:

 New Mexico artist Kate Brown, who spent 40 years as a successful potter before turning her attention and talents to animation, shows off her fully upgraded Oxberry Master Series Animation Stand, which was modernized with support from the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program at New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center. Brown’s small business, Fundamentalist Flowerchild Productions, was one of 10 businesses selected as a 2014 NMSBA Success Story. (Photo for NMSU by Norman Johnson)

M-TEC helped to install and calibrate the electronic systems for a vintage Oxberry Animation Stand owned by Kate Brown. Yu-Ping Tang designed and sourced all of the stepper motors for the machine. Charlie Park, Caleb Sokoll, and Yu-Ping Tang traveled to Silver City, NM to install the equipment for the Animation Stand.

This project was completed in April of 2014. In the following link, Kate Brown describes the project and M-TEC’s involvement: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/420383008/the-oxberry-project. Check the full article out at this link: Oxberry Animation Stand Article





The New Mexico State University PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education) team required the help of M-TEC to manufacture student-designed parts to assemble a personal transportation device. Weight and size of the assembly were key design elements as part of the international competition. The design specifications of the device called for it to fold in on itself to the size of a briefcase and the assembly was to be less than 35lbs. Some of the students who designed the device will be traveling to Italy for an international competition against rival universities. The PACE project was completed on July 13, 2014. Click here to view the full PACE article.


Tumbleweed Project:

M-TEC is collaborating with NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station to develop a device to address New Mexico’s growing tumbleweed problem. M-TEC has gathered a team of subject matter experts, including plant specialists, range scientists, professors of agriculture, local agricultural business-people, and a former mechanical engineering professor from NMSU who completed research 25 years ago on tumbleweed eradication. M-TEC, this summer, will conduct pertinent research and testing to determine tumbleweed plant characteristics for future design and development of a device that will deal with the tumbleweed problem where it is most needed. This will include concept creation, prototype development and testing, and data collection.