ETSE Degrees Awarded and Enrollment Data

(by Majors, Semesters, or Years – Note: ICT is not ABET accreditated)

05/15/04: Graduates make their way into the Pan American center for the May 2004 commencement ceremony. (photo by Darren Phillips)

This journey is complete and another is about to begin.

ETSE DEGREES AWARDED (click links or images)

ETSE Degrees Awarded by Major and Semester

International Students


Counts by Major for calendar years (F/Sp/su) 2011-2017

Student/Faculty Ratios

Gender Distribution Data by Fall Semesters

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Gender Distribution PlotPicture Graph of Full & Part Time Enrollment for Fall 2011 thru 2015

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ETSE NMSU vs Peer Institutions

ETSE vs Peer Institutions