MET Degree Plan

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology Requirements: (Total Credits – 130)

Accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET Inc.

These degree plans are not a substitute for regular advising appointments.

They are designed to give students an idea of the classes and course loads associated with the degree.

Freshman Year 34 credits
ENGR 100, Introduction to Engineering (fall) 3
MATH 190, Trigonometry and Precalculus (fall) 4
E T 110, Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting and Design+ (fall) 3
ENGL 111, Rhetoric and Composition 4
CHEM 110G, Principles and Applications of Chemistry 4
E T 182, Digital Logic 3
General Education Course from Area V: Humanities & Fine Arts * 3
PHYS 211G, General Physics I (w/lab) 4
E T 190, ET 191 Applied Circuits (w/Lab) 4
E T 210, Computer-Aided Design+ (spring) 2
Sophomore Year 32 credits
MATH 235, Calculus for the Technical Student I (fall) 3
E T 240, Applied Statics (fall) 3
Oral Communications Elective (COMM 265 Principles of Human Communication) 3
Written Communications elective (ENGL 218G, Technical and Professional Communication) 3
General Education Course from Area V: Humanities & Fine Arts * 3
PHYS 212G, General Physics II (w/lab) 4
MATH 236, Calculus for the Technical Student II 3
E T 241, Applied Dynamics (spring) 3
E T 217, Manufacturing Processes (w/Lab) (spring) 4
ECON 251, OR ECON 252, (Area IV)* 3
Junior Year 33 credits
E T 262, Software Technology I+ (fall) 3
E T 328, Kinematics of Machines+ 3
A ST 311, Statistical Applications 3
E T 310, Applied Strength of Materials (w/Lab) 4
E T 308, Fluid Technology (w/Lab) 4
E T 306, Fundamental and Applied Thermodynamics (w/Lab) 4
General Education Courses from Area IV (Social & Behavioral Sciences) OR Area V (Humanities & Fine Arts)* 3
General Education Course from Area IV: Social & Behavioral Sciences * 3
Viewing a Wider World electives (see below tables for recommendation)~ 6
Senior Year 31 credits
E T 396, Heat Transfer and Applications+ (fall) 3
E T 426, Analysis/Design of Machine Elements+ (fall) 3
Approved Technical Electives 9
E T 435, Senior Design and Project Management+ 3
Mgt, Bus, Mark, or upper Math Elective 3
E T 305, Design for Manufacturing+ 3
I E 451, Engineering Economy (spring) 3
E T 410, Senior Seminar (spring) 1
E T 422, Mechanical Measurements+ or E T 402, Instrumentation+ (spring) 3

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that students select the following elective courses:

  1. Social & Behavioral Science: ECON 251G or ECON 252G
  2. Humanities & Fine Arts: PHIL 240G, Ethics for Engineering and Scientific Careers
  3. Viewing a Wider World (6 credits):
    • 3 credits: Select a Business Administration, Business Law, Finance, or Management course
    • 3 credits: Select one course from the following-
      • College of ACES: AG E 337V, Natural Resource Economics or EPWS 380V, Ecosystem Earth: The Impact of Human Activities
      • College of Arts and Sciences: PHYS 303V, Energy and Society in the New Millennium or HIST 302V, Science in Modern Society or HIST 303V, History of Technology


+ Course with built-in laboratory component (rather than a separate lab section)

* Students must complete 15 total credits from Area IV and V, with at least six credits from each area.

~ Check out the Viewing a Wider World courses!

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Check out the MET Flowchart Advising Sheet as well!



MET Optional Concentration:

Renewable Energy Technologies