ICT Degree Plan

Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology Requirements: (Total Credits – 128)

NMSU and the ICT Program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Preparatory (80 Credits):

As a completion program, entering students are expected to have completed two years of college-level work and satisfied the following requirements.

Those who have not must do so.

Area I: Communications 9 credits
Freshman Composition 3
Written Communications Elective 3
Oral Communications Elective 3
Area II: Mathematics 3 credits
College Algebra 3
Area III: Laboratory Science 8 credits
Laboratory Science Electives 8
Area IV: Social and Behavioral Sciences 6-9 credits*
Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology electives 6-9*
Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts 6-9 credits*
History, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Music, Dance, Theater, or Religion electives 6-9*
Miscellaneous 9 credits
ICT 352, JAVA Programming for ICT 3
Course in Using Microsoft Office Tools 3
Computer Hardware 3
Electives 36 credits
(Typically content courses from an A S or AAS) 36


* Students must complete 15 total credits from Area IV and V, with at least six credits from each area.

Program Specific Requirements (48 Credits):

Institution Specific General Education 6 credits
Viewing a Wider World Electives 6
Information & Communication Technology 42 credits
ICT 320, Applications Software for Technologists 3
ICT 339, Computer Forensics 3
ICT 360, Operating Systems for ICT 3
ICT 362, Software Technology II 3
ICT 364, Windows Server Administration 3
ICT 377, Computer Networking I 3
ICT 435, Senior Project 3
ICT 450, Advanced Topics in Information and Communication Tech. 3
ICT 457, Introduction to Information Security Technology 3
ICT 458, Database Design and Applications 3
ICT 460, Advanced Topics in Multimedia Technologies 3
ICT 462, Remote Access Operating Systems with Linux/Unix 3
ICT 463, Computer Systems Administration 3
ICT 477, Computer Networking II 3






* Students must complete 15 total credits from Area IV and V, with at least six credits from each area.

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