Surveying Engineering Minor

Surveying Engineering involves the application of knowledge to the analysis, design, and execution of surveying and mapping projects and the design of land mapping and information systems. Surveyors rely on an understanding of the science of surveying measurement and analysis, the legal principles of boundary location, the laws related to boundaries and land use, and applicable mathematical and computational theories and principles when performing this work.

Students with a minor in surveying may be eligible to apply to become a licensed Surveyor.

Surveying Engineering Minor Requirements (24 credits)

SUR 264, Introduction to Land Information Systems
SUR 222, Plane Surveying
SUR 285, Photogrammetry
SUR 292, Public Lands Survey System Boundaries
SUR 312, Legal Principles of Boundary Surveying
SUR 328, Principles and Practices of Construction Surveying (may be substituted with SUR 354, Advanced Plane Surveying)
SUR 361, Introduction to Geodesy
Survey elective (any 300 or higher surveying engineering course)