Manufacturing Minor

Manufacturing is involved with the many aspects of producing products from product design, prototyping to production.  The “Manufacturing Minor” provides students an added skillset to work in the manufacturing industry in supporting these key aspects of manufacturing.  Students completing the minor will acquire the needed education to become employable and find a career in the manufacturing sector. See some career areas below

  • manage and coordinate manufacturing processes, design for manufacturing ,fabrication, and  assembly , product design, development and product specifications, operations planning, scheduling, and material handling, quality assurance and quality control, testing, evaluation and product validation

Due to the rapidly changing nature of modern plant manufacturing, the manufacturing technologist can expect to find diverse and challenging opportunities in both large and small industries. They can work in such areas as automated testing or product improvement. As technology grows more complex and competition becomes more keen, the demand for manufacturing technologists will continue to grow and to provide excellent job opportunities and salaries.

Manufacturing Minor Requirements

A student must pass 18 credits with a grade of C- or higher as outlined below. No courses may be taken S/U. Prior to class enrollment, all prerequisites must be met, or consent of instructor must be obtained. The Minor requirements can be efficiently fulfilled by careful selection of departmental technical electives that also apply toward the minoManufactLabr.

Requirements (as of 2017-2018 Catalog):
Select 1 Courses from the  list below:

ET 217+217L or

IE 217+217L, Manufacturing Processes/Laboratory or

ME 222, Introduction to Product Development

Select 1 Courses from the  list below:

MGT 344, Production and Operations Management or

MGT 335V- Business and Government, or

MGT 345V, Operations Planning and Control, or

Select 4 Courses from the Tech Electives list below:

ET 415, Manufacturing Management & Productivity or

ET 480, Innovation and Product Development, or

ET 317, Advanced Modeling and Design, or

01/19/2016: A welder works in the main EMI Technologies project space at the company's N. Telshor facility in Las Cruces. (Photo by Darren Phillips)

01/19/2016: A welder works in the main EMI Technologies  (Photo by Darren Phillips)

ET 482, Computer Aided Manufacturing, or

ET 305 Design for Manufacturing