Information Technologies Minor

Information Technologies Minor Requirements

A student must pass 18 credits from the list below with a grade of C or higher. No courses may be taken S/U. All prerequisites for the courses must be met or consent of the instructor must be obtained before enrolling in a class. Students can fulfill major portions of the requirements for this Minor by selecting their departmental electives in a judicious manner.

ET 339, Computer Forensics
ET 377, Networking I
ET BCIS 350, Information Systems Analysis
ET 362, Software Technology II or
BCIS 322, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

Choose one of the following three paths for the additional two courses (6 credits):

Path 1 Requirements
ET 477, Networking II
BCIS 480, E-Commerce Security
Path 2 Requirements
ET 458, Database Technology for Engineering
BCIS 450, Systems Design, Development, and Implementation or
BCIS 475, Database Management System
Path 3 Requirements
ET 463, Computer System Administration
ET 457, Introduction to Information Security Technology or
BCIS 482, Management of Information Security