NMSU has recently moved to centralized advising but we continue to recommend talking to ETSE faculty advisors/mentors.

05/15/04: Graduates make their way into the Pan American center for the May 2004 commencement ceremony. (photo by Darren Phillips)

             So happy we finally made it. Now a new journey starts.

Center for Academic Advising and Student Support


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ETSE provides students with  advising for degree completion, career choices, and life choices. Together, you and your mentor can develop your degree plan consistent with your major and areas of interest, including minors and concentrations and fulfilling NMSU and State of New Mexico General Education requirements. Working with your mentor will help you to make timely and satisfactory progress toward your degree. Your advisor acts as a guide, helping you plot the course of your degree.


 Your responsibilities as a Student are to:

11/28/2012: NMSU students congregate outside wearing commencement regalia. (photo by Darren Phillips)

NMSU students wearing regalia. (photo by Darren Phillips)

  • check your NMSU email account regularly to stay up to date with current information, (the NMSU email is your official communication method)
  • create a proposed schedule for this semester and following semesters,
  • pay close attention to co- and prerequisites for each course; also if they are fall, spring, or summer only offered courses
  • consider your career goals when choosing electives, concentrations, or Minors,
  • contact and schedule appointments with your advisor/mentor if you have questions,
  • track your individual progress by logging into the STAR Audit System,
  • be aware of important dates and deadlines i.e., drop/add, scholarships etc. – see the link: NMSU Advising
  • seek your faculty mentor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your progress.

The responsibilities of a Mentor are to:

  • provide you with accurate academic information including general education requirements and NMSU policies
  • help you design a realistic degree plan that is consistent with your area of interest as well as your career and personal goals,
  • refer you to the appropriate service or department based on need,
  • help with career and life choices

 Need a little help:

                                                            Academic Degree Plans

Majors Minors Concentrations
 Engineering Technology Programs:  Digital Electronic Applications  Construction Technology
 CET Degree Plan  Digital Forensics  Renewable Engineering Technology (RET)
 ECET Degree Plan  Manufacturing  Transportation Technology
 IET Degree Plan  Renewable Energy Technology (RET)  Water & Wastewater Technology
 MET Degree Plan  Information Security Technology  
 Other Programs:  Surveying Engineering  
 Geomatics/Surveying Degree Plan    
 ICT Degree Plan    

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