Dr. Ricketts and Solar Pump

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We have a faculty of dedicated and trained professionals who are committed to student growth, success and excellence. Our faculty is an international group whose outreach efforts span the globe. Whether consulting in China or building bridges in Mexico with students, our faculty have the drive, experience and compassion to do the work, do it well and encourage our students to achieve their best.


The diversity, experience and professionalism of our staff are key to the success of our department and in helping our students achieve their own success. We look to them for not only for their professionalism, but for their friendliness, drive and dedication to keep our department running at its peak.


The Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center (M-TEC) is located in the College of Engineering at New Mexico State University.
M-TEC supports economic development in New Mexico by providing technical assistance, outreach, training and engineering extension services throughout the State. M-TEC has expertise in the engineering, manufacturing, product development, prototyping and other related areas and uses the resources and facilities located in the College of Engineering to assist businesses and individuals.


Our alumni are highly regarded professionals across the globe. Whether working on the floor as a technologist, in the field as surveyor or in the office as a manager, our alumni are sought after and revered as skilled and experienced professionals.


With years of experience in the classroom and in the field, our emeriti are looked to as leaders in the technology, surveying and engineering world. Many of our emeriti function as presidents of professional societies and serve on planning boards. Their wealth of knowledge is invaluable not only to our department, the local community but world at large.