About M-TEC


What is M-TEC?

The Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center (M-TEC) is a state funded facility which receives funding from the State of New Mexico for Economic Development through the Manufacturing Sector Development Program. M-TEC is housed in the College of Engineering and uses the extensive amount of resources in the College of Engineering to help businesses and entrepreneurs in the state.Do you need a prototype of an idea, some engineering assistance, or help with concept – contact us today or use the handy form.

M-TEC has worked with many different individuals, industries, and businesses in New Mexico on a vast array of projects and products providing technical assistance in the form of engineering, design, analysis, and product development. M-TEC is a recognized leader in prototyping and concept validation.

Time for a visit!M-TEC has created a synergistic environment which allows students to gain valuable work experience while they are in school. M-TEC also makes available the resources in the College to the public, as part of the outreach and public service mission of New Mexico State University. M-TEC works with their clients to find an affordable solution that will fit the clients’ specific needs.

To see how involved M-TEC is with the community, visit our M-TEC Projects and Gallery page!

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