Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Objectives and Student Outcomes

MET Objectives

MET Program Educational Objectives:

  1. an ability to perform applied design, evaluation, testing and assessment of mechanical systems.
  2. an ability to analyze, problem solve, develop, implement, and oversee advanced mechanical systems and processes.
  3. competence in a field of mechanical engineering technology, a specialty area, or in the management of technical personnel.
  4. an ability to successfully compete in a rapidly changing world and obtain satisfying employment

MET Student Outcomes

Graduates in the NMSU Mechanical Engineering Technology program will have:

  1. Good technical communication skills.
  2. An understanding of circuits and controls.
  3. The ability to effectively apply appropriate techniques to solve mechanical, thermal, and fluid systems problems.
  4. The ability to effectively apply basic modeling and simulation techniques that would aid with the design, improvement, implementation, or repair of mechanical systems.
  5. The ability to effectively apply manufacturing processes and methodologies.
  6. The ability to effectively collaborate with others by leading aspects of projects, being an effective team member, valuing diversity, and listening to stakeholders.
  7. The ability to apply critical thinking skills, trouble-shoot, apply knowledge, and draw from resources to solve problems.
  8. The ability to effectively adapt to change, including changes in projects, responsibilities, and timelines.
  9. Recognition of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  10. Recognition of the importance of professional stewardship by upholding commitments and meeting expectations.
  11. Recognition of the importance of maintaining a high level of integrity and trust and safety.
  12. Recognition of the importance of lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and the impact of Engineering Technology on society and the world.