Information Engineering Technology (IET) Objectives and Student Outcomes

Information Engineering Technology Educational Objectives

  1. Graduates will be proficient in the following technologies: Database, Web, Networks, Operating Systems, Coding, Information Security, and Computing Infrastructure.
  2. Graduates will continue their professional training and adapt to changes in the workplace though additional education, formal or informal.
  3. Graduates will show an awareness of ethical, societal and professional responsibilities.

Information Engineering Technology Program Outcomes

Graduates in the NMSU Information Engineering Technology program will have:

An appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of Information Engineering Technology; including:
  1. The analysis, design, testing, maintenance, security, operation and documentation for facilities* involved in the process and transfer of information in information engineering technologies.
  1. The applied knowledge of electronics, electrical components, computer architecture, and infrastructure including applications of computer systems, communications and digital signal propagation needed in data transport.
  1. The use of mathematics including statistics, probability, discrete, Boolean, algebra, trigonometry and calculus for supporting the analysis, design, and maintenance of facilities* that process and transfer information.
  1. Project management techniques and teamwork necessary for design and implementation of facilities* that process and transfer information and the effective use of communication skills to prepare and present technical reports, memos, and presentations.

*Facilities are defined to include operating systems, networks, media, databases, computers, security and information technology systems.