ETSE Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives – Program educational objectives are broad statements that describe what graduates are expected to attain within a few years of graduation. Program educational objectives are based on the needs of the program’s constituencies.
Student Outcomes – Student outcomes describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that students attain as they progress through the program. Outcomes is an effort to collect, analyze, and interpret the data produced by our programs. This data gives us a fact-based measure on the effectiveness of our programs and to identify areas where focus may need to be implemented in certain areas.

Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes Links:

Assessment of our programs in an ongoing effort.

Careful, considerate and thorough attention is given to our programs’ educational endeavors and the measures we take to improve our effectiveness and relevance in the modern worlds of Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering.

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